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Searching for the best deals and discount codes online can often be a time-consuming and exhausting task. This is exactly why we created PromoSearcher—to become your most reliable online shopping assistant, helping you save more with every online purchase.

We understand the value of time, so we specifically focus on online shopping platforms in the UK, using our expertise and advanced technology to filter out the latest and most effective coupon and discount information for you. Our goal: to ensure that you always enjoy the best prices when you click to check out.

Why Choose PromoSearcher

One of the biggest challenges users face when looking for coupons is the authenticity and timeliness of the discount codes. At PromoSearcher, we use professional technology to search for coupons 24 hours a day and manually verify them to ensure their validity as much as possible.

Automated System

Our backend system performs initial data scraping, which allows us to quickly and accurately filter out valid coupons from thousands of data sources, ensuring the timeliness of the information.

Manual Confirmation

After the automated verification, our expert team conducts further manual confirmation of the selected coupons, ensuring that every piece of information provided has undergone strict scrutiny. This significantly reduces the possibility of errors or outdated information.

Timely Updates

The availability of coupons is crucial for users. Therefore, we have an efficient process in place to ensure that newly discovered coupons are updated on the website in a timely manner, and coupons that are no longer valid or have expired are removed.

How We Make Money

Our platform can only continue to develop and succeed when users truly benefit from our service. Therefore, our profit model is built on a solid and clear premise: we make money on the condition that ensuring a positive user experience is our primary objective.

Partnerships with Stores

Our main source of income comes from partnerships with quality merchants. When users make purchases at these merchants using coupons through our platform, we receive a certain percentage of commission. This model not only supports the continuous operation of our service but also ensures that we can continue to offer a vast amount of valuable discount code to our users.

We believe that by consistently providing genuine and effective coupons and a high-quality user experience, we can build user trust and loyalty, which is key to our business's long-term success. Our profit model is not about short-sightedly chasing immediate gains, but is committed to achieving sustainable development by creating real value.

PromoSearcher Expert Team

Our team comes from all over the world and has rich marketing and marketing experience.




Frank is a software engineer passionate about technological innovation and optimizing user experience, with over 12 years of programming development experience. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with several leading coupon companies, developing a range of efficient and user-friendly software and websites for them.

Through these years of work experience, Frank understands the challenges faced by the industry, especially coupon authenticity and user experience. He has witnessed the difficulty many platforms on the market have in handling large amounts of data and maintaining coupon accuracy and timely updates. These experiences inspired him to launch the website - a coupon website designed to be verified through technology and rigorous human verification.

Victoria Lampard

Victoria Lampard

Strategy & Trend Team Leader

Over the past 2 years, Park has successfully secured more than 100,000 coupons for our users, helping them save a total of over 500,000 pounds. He has worked with over 70 top brands and has a deep understanding of how to maximize user benefits in a complex market environment. Park's work goes beyond finding discounts; through in-depth analysis of consumer behavior and market trends, he has developed several successful promotional strategies for the website, significantly enhancing user shopping satisfaction.


Rock Pan

User Experience Team Leader

Rock, with over 7 years of UI/UX design experience, has brought significant changes to our website. The interfaces he designed are not only aesthetically pleasing but, more importantly, they enhance user interactivity and usability, making the process of finding and using coupons smoother and more efficient for users.

Under Rock's leadership, our website's user satisfaction has increased by 40%, and page visit duration has grown by 60%, effectively enhancing the overall appeal of the site.



Verification Team Leader

LuLu's meticulous work ethic over the past 3 years has led to the screening and verification of over 50,000 coupons, ensuring the reliability of every piece of information on our website. Her professional work extends beyond verification to include communication with merchants, guaranteeing that our users always have access to the latest discount information at the earliest possible time.

PromoSearcher Promise

We adhere to principles of transparency and fairness. Even when earning commissions from partnerships with stores, we ensure that these relationships do not influence the selection and recommendation process of coupons.

Our team always prioritizes user interests when choosing and verifying coupons, ensuring that each recommended coupon is selected based on its authenticity rather than our profit needs.

We commit to manually verifying and updating coupons daily, marking them with a "Verified" label, to ensure the maximization of user benefits.

Who Owns PromoSearcher

The PromoSearcher project was established in 2021 and is affiliated to Shanghai Shuyang Culture Media Co., Ltd., a company headquartered in Shanghai, China.

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PromoSearcher is operated by CEO Frank and his team.

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Room 409, Building 1, No. 128 Yanping Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai

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